The Morgan Duke Conservation Society explores unfamiliar wild places throughout New York State. The society seeks to observe and learn what the present conditions throughout the area are facing. We restore and protect the natural wildlands in the forest settings. At the same time, we seek to reduce any impact on these wild places by educating and engaging the public about how they can do their part in protecting these natural settings.

We provide habitat for wildlife species that depends on the young forests through the Wildlife Habitat Management. We also monitor and collect data about the wildlife living in the young forest areas.

How We Restore the Wild Forest Setting: 

Here at Morgan Duke Conservation Society, we have stewards who care very deeply about the wild places where they volunteer and work. These unpaid helpers labor to restore natural forest settings and protect said places. Our stewards are on the trails and near the streams picking up litter and also helping to reestablish the damage vegetations by planting trees. We provide the local communities where these wild places exist with the tools and resources to use and pass along to others in the area on how they can do their part to protect the natural forest setting.

We also provide habitat for the wildlife species that depend on the young forests by conducting wildlife habitat management work at wildlife management areas and monitoring and collecting data on the wildlife to see what kind of flora and fauna lives in the young forest. Our habitat stewards build and install duck nest boxes, installs birdhouses, and bat houses.